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On-Demand Webinars

To support the implementation of school climate frameworks and research-based practices, we have created the web-based resources.


The content below is designed to provide an overview of concepts, challenges and barriers, recommendations for practice, tools and resources for further learning. They may be viewed independently (e.g. self-directed learning) or as a team for planning or internal professional development purposes. Webinars are grouped into five categories representing key focus areas: Restorative Practices, Chronic Absenteeism, Trauma-Informed Approaches, Data-Based Decision Making and Grant Information.


Session descriptions, speaker/presenter information, and dates are described for each webinar. Handouts or materials included in the presentation are available to download.


Click on a topic below to learn more – and don’t forget to check our upcoming events to register for future offerings!

Trauma-Informed Approaches

April 16, 2020 Webinar

Trauma-Informed Education: Understanding Chronic Traumatic Stress

Kat Owens, MSW, Safe and Supportive School Technical Assistance Center

In the past month, our lives have been drastically changed, and many people - staff, students, and parents - are experiencing some form of chronic stress as a result. In this webinar, learn the immediate and lasting impacts that chronic traumatic stress can have on the brain, reflect on your own experience with chronic stress, and explore trauma-informed approaches to supporting both yourself and others - right now and when you return to the classroom. 


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Trauma Informed Approaches
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