Technical Assistance

Developing and Strengthening Partnerships

As a technical assistance partner, our role is to cultivate a strong relationship with grantee districts that will enable effective collaboration. The SSS-TAC team apply a deep understanding of the practices our schools seek to install or scale up, in addition to our knowledge of systems change, implementation science, and creating communities of professional learning.

Many levels of differentiated support are available through on-site and virtual methods. To learn more about our services and supports, we invite you to read the sections below.

If you have questions or would like to request technical assistance, view our “Contact Us” page or reach out to us via email at

 What is Technical Assistance?

Technical assistance (TA) services is defined by the  U.S. Department of Education as a “negotiated series of activities designed to reach a valued outcome”.  Technical assistance for the purpose(s) of the Supportive Schools Grant Program is to guide and support the implementation of school climate action plans. Valued outcomes for the program can include:

Technical assistance (TA) activities may differ upon the goals and needs of the organization. The Safe & Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center utilize an approach that offers a continuum of support. Not unlike the multi-tiered systems implemented in educational settings, TA can be universal, targeted, or intensive. Examples are provided in the table on the left.

Defining Our Purpose

The purpose of the Safe & Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center is to provide differentiated support around the implementation of school climate initiatives. We strive to:

Our Services

Planning and Implementation

  • Co-develop plans for rollout of new practices and/or processes

  • Facilitate team discussion(s) using Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle

  • Supply resources on school climate best practices for administration, staff, and students

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Conduct ongoing needs assessment for grantee sites

  • Provide support for goal setting to individuals or teams

  • Monitor progress on performance indicators and/or intermediate outcomes

Grant Management

  • Answer site-specific questions regarding grant requirements

  • Review submission requirements including narrative, work plan, and FS-10 documents

Request Support

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