On-Demand Webinars

To support the implementation of school climate frameworks and research-based practices, we have created the web-based resources.


The content below is designed to provide an overview of concepts, challenges and barriers, recommendations for practice, tools and resources for further learning. They may be viewed independently (e.g. self-directed learning) or as a team for planning or internal professional development purposes. Webinars are grouped into five categories representing key focus areas: Restorative Practices, Chronic Absenteeism, Trauma-Informed Approaches, Data-Based Decision Making and Grant Information.


Session descriptions, speaker/presenter information, and dates are described for each webinar. Handouts or materials included in the presentation are available to download.


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Restorative Practices

November 15, 2019 Webinar

Implementing Restorative Practices to Ensure Enduring Results

Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent, Randolph Academy

This session will look at the research by Elias, Zins, Fraczyk & Weissberg (2003) and ask participants to compare their implementation plans against the factors found in the research to be associated with successful, enduring results for the implementation of SEL programs such as restorative practices. Success stories will be shared.

Implementing Restorative Practices to En

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December 6, 2019 Webinar

Culture of Care: Pre-Implementation and Establishing a Baseline

Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent, Randolph Academy

This session will look at Dr. Tom Cavanagh's framework, leading participants to assess their readiness based upon the pre-implementation recommendations. Participants will discuss various sources of school climate data that can inform implementation of restorative practices. An example assessment tool will be provided.

Culture of Care Establishing a Baseline_

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April 3, 2020 
Learning to Host Virtural Circles

Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent, Randolph Academy

Connecting with others solely through virtual ways can feel new, different, and even overwhelming. Many practices we use to communicate and engage for learning rely on being face-to-face. Let's explore how to bridge the gap. In this webinar, we will share a potential process and "best practice" recommendations for implementing virtual restorative circles. 


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May 29, 2020 
Implementing Tier 3 Restorative Practices

Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent, Randolph Academy

This session is designed to explore Tier 3 restorative conferences. The focus of this webinar will be on the use of restorative response upon re-entry and/or as an alternative to exclusionary discipline practices. A review of the criteria for a Tier 3 Restorative Conference will be provided, as well as an overview of the critical importance of pre-conferencing. Resources for restorative conferences will be offered, including scripts and guidance on developing an effective written agreement.

Implementing Tier Rest Pract.jpg

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