2019 Annual Summit

In July 2019, the Safe & Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center – in collaboration with the New York State Education Department – held an Annual School Climate Summit in Albany, NY. This convening gathered teams from grantee districts and schools, as well as local, state, and national presenters. Summit presentations, materials, and handouts appear below and are available to download.

Past  SUMMIT Content

Below you will find SUMMIT materials presented at the
New York State Education Department Safe and Supportive Schools Grant School Climate Summit on July 24-25, 2019.  

Presenter: (Keynote Address)   Heather Johnson


Contact information: Heather Johnson, LCSW



                             Massachusetts General Hospital


Presentation:   Think: Kids - Collaborative Problem Solving:
                             Rethinking Challenging Kids

PowerPoint Presentation

Heather Johnson Key Note PowerPoint July


Heather Johnson - Key Note Work Book Jul

Presenters:               Sarah Jonas, Executive Director and Sarah Peterson, Director of Research and Development

                               Office of Community Schools – New York City Department of Education


Contact information:   Sarah Jonas, Executive Director

                               Office of Community Schools – New York City Department of Education


                               Sarah Peterson, Director of Research and Development

                               Office of Community Schools – New York City Department of Education


Presentation:   Cracking the Code of Chronic Absenteeism

PowerPoint Presentation

Cracking the Code of Chronic Absenteeism

Presenters:                        Dr. Ralph Ferrie, Superintendent of Schools

                                              Dr. Kathleen Sottile, Assistant Superintendent for 
                                              Curriculum & Instruction
                                              Mr. Brian Messinger, Coordinator of Classroom 
                                              Instructional Technology & Student Achievement
                                              Sewanhaka Central High School District



Contact information:     Dr. Ralph Ferrie, Superintendent of Schools,

                                             Sewanhaka Central High School District



                                             Dr. Kathleen Sottile
                                             Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction,
                                             Sewanhaka Central High School District


                                             Mr. Brian Messinger
                                             Coordinator of Classroom Instructional Technology & Student
                                             Achievement, Sewanhaka Central High School District



Presentation Topic:      Reducing Suspensions

PowerPoint Presentation

Sewanhaka CHSD PowerPoint Presentation_P

Presenter: (Keynote Address)   Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent – Randolph Academy


Contact information:   Lori DeCarlo, Superintendent

                                           Randolph Academy




Presentation Topic:     Implementing Restorative Practices

PowerPoint Presentation

Implementing Restorative Practices - Cas

Supplemental Materials

Restorative Justice Supplemental Materia

PowerPoint Presentation

Restorative Practices Managing Systemic

Presenter:                       Kelly Valmore


Contact information:  Kelly Valmore, Senior Professional Developer,
                                          Director of NYSED's Safe and Supportive
                                          Schools Technical Assistance Center

                                          518-427-9840 Ext. 214                      


Presentation:                Starting with your "WHY," Assessing Impact
                                          and Supporting Systems Change

PowerPoint Presentation

Summit PPT_KV_7_25_19_Post summit.jpg

Presenters:                      Rebecca Shea and Erin Brewer


Contact information:   Rebecca Shea, Senior Staff Developer


Presentation:                 Unpacking an Approach to Understanding and Utilizing
                                          School Climate Data for Program Goal Implementation

PowerPoint Presentation

SSS-TAC summit ppt_Page_01.jpg

PDSA cycle key questions 

PDSA cycle key questions_Page_1.jpg

School Climate Improvement Action Guides activity

Quick Audit sheet activity 

Quick Audit activity.jpg

School Climate Topic frameworks 

School Climate Topic frameworks.jpg

School Climate Topics activity 

Multiple Measures of Data

Digging into Data activity 

30 Minute Problem
Solving activity

School Climate Topics activity_Page_1.jp
Digging into Data activity.jpg
30 Minute Problem Solving activity.jpg

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